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Bali is always something fantastic for either the first visit or the some-time visit. Of course, you do not want to miss any cultural traditions, events, stories, and even culinary simply because of no one Mandarin Speaking Bali Tour guide you meet on your Bali visit plan. Most guides, as you know a lot, are prepared with English speaking skill, yet not with Mandarin. What if you come from somewhere in East Asia that mostly has Mandarin as a national language or a second language, would you be confused since your first step here?

We also provide car and driver charter for “Bali Tours”. My team of highly experienced tour drivers are able to speak various languages which include and are not limited to, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Arabic and English. As a team we will work hard to serve people from many different nations and ensure your Balinese experience is of high quality.

Get relaxed now, since Balirentour offers you what is absent in other places. We admit how beautiful the white-or-brown-sand beaches and how romantic the sunrise and the sunset are in Bali. With an addition of rich culture and hospitality, Bali is still and always the “the Island of God”. Kuta or Nusa Dua Beach including the water activities might be what people commonly hear about Bali. But of course, if only the two beaches are there, people will never be that enthusiastic to visit it. So, here are some attractions, both natural attractions and man-made attractions of Bali, which would never be forgotten by everyone who has looked this exoticism by their eyes.

Bali is rich of tourism industry, seen from different perspectives and passions. For those who love natural activities, beaches there with the hot breeze and soft brown sand are never unsurpassed. Aside from the sunbathing or beach playing, water sports such as surfing, diving, banana boat, and many others will welcome you. For you who expect to have historical and cultural nuance in your holiday, Bali is the one. Influenced by so much Hindunese touch around; most events, celebrations, dances and theatrical performances are related to Hindu epics such as Ramayana. In addition, Bali is the city of art. You can find some types of art such as sculpture, painting, leather, metalworking, music, and dance.

Not only gives your eyes the most beautiful sightseeing, Bali also serves you with hospitality, safety, comfort, and enchanting memories. Who can deny it? All people have the same chance to leave their memory in Bali, whether you are English-speaking person or Mandarin-speaking person. So, we, as one of leading English and Mandarin Speaking Guide in Bali, want to be your partner and friend while proofing the beauty of Bali. As a professional guide, we know that you do not want to be in a hassle, so we will help you to rent car or book a hotel room. Your order on use will absolutely be coupled with Car Rental with Mandarin Speaking Guide. Please contact this site for any further details or placing an order. We will give you the best.

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